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What Do Hormones Have To Do With Diabetes?

Our country has a major problem with sugar. In fact, the average American eats the body weight of an adult (~150 pounds) in sugar per year. Compare that to 1890, where we consumed only five pounds of sugar per year, a 3000% increase! The emergence of sugar in our culture has a convoluted and political
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Should I Take A Break From Coffee?

The strong reactions I get when I ask someone to give up coffee continues to amaze me. Not give up indefinitely. Not abstain for a year. But for thirty days. A blink of the eye when compared to the length of a lifetime. So it may be hard to imagine that I like to subject
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Already Behind on Your New Year’s Resolution?

Just a few short weeks ago, we welcomed a new year. And with it, came new (or recycled) resolutions. It’s as though making a resolution is a right of passage. But how many of those new year’s goals and resolutions do you actually achieve and maintain? How effective has setting a new year’s resolution been
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7 Tips For Healthy Travel

It’s that time of year when traveling is a part of most families’ holiday experience. Whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, staying healthy while traveling can bring its share of challenges.  Early last month I flew out to Arizona for some additional craniosacral training and while I was enjoying one of my favorite past times of
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There Is No Magic Pill: Six Forgotten Truths About Healing

We live in a society that has been taught to think that healing comes in a small pill.  All we need is to find the right pill or the right combination of pills and we’ll get better.  However, “heal” is of Germaic origin (heilen), meaning to make whole. If we look at the old English
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Book Review: Brain Maker

Title: Brain Maker Author: David Perlmutter, MD Release Date: April 2015 The longer I practice, the more I am painfully aware of how crucial gut health is for overall health.  Anything from neurological concerns, autoimmune conditions, and mood issues. It all begins in, or is in large part affected by, gut health.  Dr. David Perlmutter’s book, Brain
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Feeling Overwhelmed With Making Changes? Do This ONE Thing First

A large part of having and maintaining a healthy life can involve change.  Change can be drastic and big and even scary.  If you’re farther off course from that healthy lifestyle you desire, the necessary impending changes can be paralyzing to the point where you take no action. If we only focus on the end
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What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About “The Pill”

Think birth control pills are 100% safe and side effect free? Think again

Nine Things I Wish My Patients Knew About Homeopathy

Homeopathy (ho-me-op-a-thy) is an individualized system of medicine that I use frequently with patients due to its efficacy, low-cost, and lack of drug interactions or side effects. Even though this medicine has been around long before penicillin, and was actually quite popular among doctors in the early 1900s, it is so different from our current
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What is the One Organ You Should Love?

The body is an amazingly complex system, governed by a network of chemical highways.  The best part about this system is that we don’t ever have to consciously think or be aware of it in order to live.  For example, doing a “detox” or “cleanse” has become quite popular but many of us do not realize that our
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Endometriosis: More Than Your Average Monthly Nuisance

I recently saw an article on my Facebook feed from a popular online publication about a company offering women time off during their periods. I thought how wonderfully progressive an idea this is, to let women, if they need to, take time off for what can sometimes be a horrible time of the month. It’s hard
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A New Chapter

Last month we held an open house to celebrate Serenity’s one year anniversary (which was technically September) and honor naturopathic medicine week.  There was great food, great people, and great live music (check out the videos on our YouTube channel). This event gave me a much-needed opportunity to reflect on this past year, so pardon the brief
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